Day 1: A New Adventure

We ADDers love adventure.  We crave it. We seek it out, almost by compulsion, sometimes without consciously choosing to. We find it in our mind if we don’t find it in our reality.  We want to be fascinated by what we engage in…and if we’re not, we’ll check out.

In my pursuit of a healthier brain, I’d like this blog to be an adventure for me, so I don’t get distracted from my goal for an improved brain. (I’m trying to trick my ADHD mind into repairing itself – shhh, don’t tell :).  Honestly though, I really really want to overcome the challenges of my ADHD mind so that I can be more productive in the world and more attentive to the people I love.

I don’t exactly know where this adventure will lead, as I don’t know what it will be like, what I’ll think about or what I’ll be capable of, with a more wholly functioning brain.  But my hope is, that I will feel more present, become a better listener, be able to read books from start to finish (what a concept!), maintain a clean and orderly home and office, be a better mom and wife, and, and…. Okay that feels like enough pressure! Settle down there, Elinor. Let’s just start this adventure, day by day.  Yeah – that’s it!

I intend to figure out this brain and try out some obvious and not so obvious ways of increasing my executive and cognitive functioning.  Each day for a year! Or each week for a year!  I dunno.  We’ll see.

Thanks for joining me and my wacky beautiful brain. Please share with us your successes and challenges while you, too, reclaim your brain.



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