Day 2: Bullet Proof Coffee

While my instinct is to change absolutely everything in my life all at once – becoming some epic ideal of myself being an incredibly centred goddess who’s brain power moves mountains with mere thoughts overnight! — In reality (whatever that is:), I’m sensing the right approach is incremental.  I haven’t really felt that successful with changing habits in my life in quite some time, so I better take this one step at a time.

I heard about bulletproof coffee recently.  It’s a way to transform your morning coffee into a food-replacing brain-enhancing morning drink that  sustains energy and focus thru the day and apparently tastes great too.  Aha! Something I can do with fairly little effort that doesn’t change my routine much and may even be more enjoyable!  Let’s start there 🙂  Sitting at my breakfast table with a hot cup of a dark organic coffee while I gaze out the window at my forested yard, is a daily pleasure for me.   That I don’t have to get all yogi-like and give up everything I love, but actually use this morning pleasure to its greatest capacity for my health… I like that. Usually it seems like everything I enjoy is bad for me!  And I crave those things… white breads, junk foods, sugar.. the list goes on.  Granted I couldn’t always enjoy coffee.  Until last spring I didn’t drink it for years because every time it touched my lips I’d become terribly uncomfortable, jittery, hyper and head-achy.  It was neurofeedback that got me to the  point where I could actually enjoy coffee and its benefits again.  But that’s for another blog post:)

Back to coffee… Bulletproof coffee as a name was coined by Dave Aspry who’s company is called Bulletproof.  He’s become one of my heros, having turned his own life around by optimizing his brain and body functioning. Apparently he has increased his IQ by 20 points and overcome obesity and stage fright to name a few things.  Dave Aspry calls himself a ‘bio-hacker’.  With my farming background I instantly think about permaculture when I hear of bio-hacking, because they essentially mean the same thing –  how to get the most amount of benefit from biology with the littlest amount of input.  Whether that be from soil or your own body.  This idea is really appealing to me.  In a world where the average person is stretched so thin by demands of society and family life, I know I need to figure out how to support my brain in ways that have the biggest bang for the buck, so to speak. The most output with the littlest input.

Coffee seems like a fine place to start then.  To make bulletproof coffee, you blend 1-2 tablespoons of MCT oil and 1-2 tablespoons of grass-fed butter or ghee with one cup of zero-mold coffee.

Using healthy fats triggers ketosis, a metabolic state which burns fat for energy instead of carbohdrates.  Carbohydrates actually cause inflamation and the release of free raticals in the brain, leading to brain fog and detoriated brain functioning overall.  On the other hand, the brain is made of 60-70% fat tissue, and healthy fats create the perfect environment for neurogenesis to occur, or the creation of a new brain cells.  A breakfast that contains healthy fats vs. one based on carbohydrates is essentially a black and white choice between healthy braining functioning and its opposite.

Bulletproof coffee is supposed to curb hunger and food cravings and create sustained mental energy and focus throughout the day.  People are losing weight too!  I’ve now tried the recipe for two days, with one day off in between.  Both times my belly hurt right away and I was running to the bathroom.  I learned I need to start with less MCT oil and build up tolerance.  I was using about 1 tablespoon so tomorrow I’ll try just one teaspoon.  The other thing is, it didn’t entirely curb my food cravings. I was looking forward to lunch.  Overall though I felt pretty good and more focused with an abundance of energy. So much energy actually that I probably need to start exercising. I know that’s coming… but I’m not quite there yet. Stay tuned 🙂

Learn more about the bulletproof coffee brand>>>  I’m sending you directly to Dave’s site to place credit where credit is due.


Day 1: A New Adventure

We ADDers love adventure.  We crave it. We seek it out, almost by compulsion, sometimes without consciously choosing to. We find it in our mind if we don’t find it in our reality.  We want to be fascinated by what we engage in…and if we’re not, we’ll check out.

In my pursuit of a healthier brain, I’d like this blog to be an adventure for me, so I don’t get distracted from my goal for an improved brain. (I’m trying to trick my ADHD mind into repairing itself – shhh, don’t tell :).  Honestly though, I really really want to overcome the challenges of my ADHD mind so that I can be more productive in the world and more attentive to the people I love.

I don’t exactly know where this adventure will lead, as I don’t know what it will be like, what I’ll think about or what I’ll be capable of, with a more wholly functioning brain.  But my hope is, that I will feel more present, become a better listener, be able to read books from start to finish (what a concept!), maintain a clean and orderly home and office, be a better mom and wife, and, and…. Okay that feels like enough pressure! Settle down there, Elinor. Let’s just start this adventure, day by day.  Yeah – that’s it!

I intend to figure out this brain and try out some obvious and not so obvious ways of increasing my executive and cognitive functioning.  Each day for a year! Or each week for a year!  I dunno.  We’ll see.

Thanks for joining me and my wacky beautiful brain. Please share with us your successes and challenges while you, too, reclaim your brain.